News 2017
March 2017

It is almost time for a new ATVing season to begin! Mother Nature has been very generous to the
snowmobiler's this year, hopefully this won't delay the riding season for ATVs for too long!!

Not much has been happening with the Narrow Gauge Riders ATV Club during the snowy months.
Operation Bright X-Mas 2016 raised over $4000 that went straight back into the communities of Phillips,
Madrid, and Avon with the help of Santa's Elves. The Elves want to send out a huge round of applause to
everyone who contributed money, gifts, and time to help them brighten the holiday of so many local people!

April 13th brings us to our first meeting of the year, it will be held at 7 pm at the Avon Town Hall. We had
very low attendance at last year's meetings and would like to see more people getting involved.
Membership dollars support the club in many ways, but without people actually out in the field repairing
bridges, brushing back trails, grading out the mud holes and generally maintaining the clubs 50 plus miles of
trails, the reality comes down to the fact we will not have trails to enjoy. We must respect our landowners
and take care of the lands that our trails run across. Every year we hear about more trails being shut down
because landowners have become unhappy with the way they and their properties are being treated.
Garbage left trailside, riders going off trail to spin through fields, riders treating people they meet with
disrespect, are just some examples of reasons that could cause trail closures. Please call the Police or
Game Wardens if you see activities taking place that could jeopardize your privilege to ride. Chances are
the offenders are NOT members of the local club and don't understand the repercussions of their actions
for everyone. If you know of people enjoying the trails, please encourage them to join the club! The more
people who are aware of what we do, the better it is for everyone!

The May 11th meeting is our election meeting. Please come meet your clubs officers, or better yet, run for
an office and get involved yourself!!

Memberships are due!!! Membership applications will be sent with a copy of this newsletter to all current
members. If you do not receive an application and would like one, please let us know or there is a button
on our
homepage which will take you to a printable copy. This year we are asking if members would prefer
to have their newsletters e-mailed to them. If you would like your newsletter to arrive as a paper copy in
your mailbox, you don't have to do anything. If you wish to take advantage of the e-mail, please check the
appropriate box on the application and very CLEARLY print your e-mail address in the space provided, (or
message our facebook page with your address). Thank you. E-mailing our newsletters will save our club a
lot in stamps! We are a large club with over 120 members from all over New England!

Business memberships need to be submitted by MAY 30th to be included on the ATV Maine roster and on
our Business directory page of our website.

Happy Trails, Hope to see you in April!!!

                                             April 2017

   April 13th, marked our first meeting of 2017. It looks like we will have a lot to look forward to when the
trails open toward the end of May. Trails are still very wet and quite saturated at this time, but the
weather is looking to dry out, so opening day won't be far away. There are a lot of projects to take care
of this year, including work on several bridges, as well as general maintenance of the trails, brushing,
water management, rock raking, etc. We are always looking for volunteers to help out. Work day dates
will be posted on our Facebook page.

   This year we have decided to offer a $200 participation contest to be drawn at the end of the year. To
enter, members must come to the meetings and put their name in the jar. The more meetings you attend,
the more chances you will have to win the drawing on October 12th, at our last meeting of the year. The
winner will receive a $200 gift card.

   Our next meeting will be May 11th at 7:00pm. We will meet at the Avon Town Hall as usual. This will
be our election meeting. We are looking for some new faces this year, so come bring your ideas to the
table and help keep this club one of the best in the state. We have over 250 members, (over 120 primary
members, plus their families!) from New England and beyond, plus we are responsible for 50 plus miles
of some of the nicest trails anywhere.

   There is a new organization that the club has decided to join. It is called The United Trail Volunteers.
This is a partnership between individual clubs that promotes working together on trail projects to get
things done. We will have more details in May about this exciting opportunity to not only work with other
clubs, but also welcome them to work with us, to improve the trail systems for everyone! The United Trail
Volunteer Member Clubs also work to promote the clubs and trail riding through participation in Parades,
Sports Shows, and other events. We will post the dates of projects and events on our Facebook page.

   We have an exciting season ahead of us, don't miss out! Please get your memberships in and come
see what is happening on the trails near you, (or your camp, or favorite fishing spot...!!!) Remember, the
trails are available because of the generosity of landowners, please respect where you ride and report
activity that might jeopardize that right to the police or game wardens. Thank you.

Happy Trails, and Ride Safe!!!

May 2017

Please welcome your officers for 2017:

President: Alan Bickford
Vice President: Kathy Gould
Secretary: Sonja Hardy
Treasurer: Janne Haines

Please also welcome your Trailmasters:

Phillips: Charlie Gould  1 207 639-5732
Madrid: Craig Mitchell 1 207 639-5677
Avon: Jerry Haines 1 207 491-6522

The trails are open! Thank you to Alan Bickford, Charlie Gould, and David Serven for their work getting
our trails open for everyone's enjoyment. Please be respectful of where you ride, as there are still some
soft spots on some of the trails. The plans to repair several bridges in the Camp 2 system can move
forward as soon as the weather cooperates enough for the equipment needed to do the repairs can
move in without causing damage to the trails.
In the past there have been some complaints of dirt bike riders excessively tearing up the trails. Please if
you see ANY activities that will jeopardize the use of the trails, report the activity to the Franklin County
Sheriff at 1 207 778-6614, the State Police or the Game Wardens. The Augusta dispatch office is
available 24 hrs a day at 1 800 452-4664 for the State Police and Game Wardens. We must be very
careful to guard the privilege allowing us to have these trails that has been granted to us by our  
generous landowners.
Narrow Gauge Riders is now part of the United Trail Volunteers. We will be withdrawing our support
from ATV Maine as we put our efforts into this new venture with United Trail Volunteers. Please check
our Facebook page --   for notices of work
days for all of the clubs associated with the United Trail Volunteers. This organization hopes to promote
cooperation between all of it's member clubs to improve the trail systems all over the State and promote
the sport of trail riding in general.
Charlie Gould is working very hard with land owners to gain access for a new trail in the Toothaker Pond
area. Thank you very much for your efforts, Charlie!!
Alan Bickford won the monthly 50/50 raffle for Operation Bright X-mas! He donated his winnings back to
Operation Bright X-mas, Thank you Alan!!
Our next meeting is 7p.m. on Thursday, June 8th at the Avon Town Hall. We have 18 names so far in our
Contest Jar for the $200 end of the year gift certificate! Come to the meeting and add your name to the
June 2017

Our June meeting had 16 members present. We discussed the conditions of the trails and it seems
most of them are in pretty decent shape. The recent downpours have caused a couple of washouts but
didn't do a lot of damage. Charlie and Kathy Gould are continuing their negotiations with landowners to
run trails around trouble spots and keep all of our landowners happy. We appreciate all of the efforts
put into landowner relations by any of the club members.

There is a lot of concern in the ATVing community about the width regulations for machines. Please
understand that it is the landowners who set their preferences. Many landowners do not want to widen
the trails beyond the 60" mark. Wider trails open up the chances of larger vehicles, such as Jeeps and
pick-ups, taking advantage of the trail and damaging the property. The Narrow Gauge Riders Club
continues to respect our landowners requests so many of our trail, bridges, and gates remain at the 60"

The club voted to purchase a calcium spreader and calcium. Kathy and Charlie Gould will take care of
this purchase for us.

Sandra Mitchell won the monthly 50/50 raffle. Sandra generously donated her winnings back to
Operation Bright X-mas fund. Thank you Sandra!!!

The next meeting will be this next week, Thursday, July 13. We meet at the Avon Town Hall at 7:00 p.m.
Hope to see you there.
July 2017

      The Narrow Gauge Riders met on July 13, 2017 at the Avon Town Hall. Much of the meeting was
spent discussing our trails and what needed to be done to maintain them. There are a number of places
which need water bars and grading to keep the trails intact when it rains heavily. There are also several
trails which need the brush cut back so riders are not going off the trail to avoid being hit by the
branches. A new trail section has been cleared in Madrid, it is in the area of Noon Mtn. around Luftkin
Pond. Thank you to all who helped get this trail opened up for everyone's enjoyment. We now have a
new sign, by the Country Delight Diner and Ice Cream Stand in Avon, designating the beginning of our
trail system from the Strong area.

      Remember, the Moose Loop is still broken. There are areas where the Loop doesn't connect
anymore. There is the possibility that there will be a trail connecting Mt. Blue State Park and Dixfield
opening up sometime in the future. To maintain access to these trails, we cannot emphasize enough how
important landowner relationships are. Please report to the local authorities, anything that could
jeopardize the willingness of our landowners to permit our trails on their land. If you find problems on the
trail that the club can fix, (trees down, washouts, etc...) please let your trailmasters know. If it is a
simple problem, (garbage, bottles, and cans left trailside, signs down, etc...) please help us out and take
care of it if you can. We appreciate everyone's help.

Corey Stewart won the monthly 50/50 raffle to benefit Operation Bright Xmas. Don't forget, every
meeting you attend earns you a chance for a gift card to be drawn at our last meeting of the year in
October!! Our next meeting is August 10th, 7pm at the Avon Town Hall. Hope to see you there.